Today, companies want to stay competitive by focusing on digital transformation. However, transformation can create new business challenges and increase technology complexity and costs without generating the expected results. It can be a major hurdle trying to solve business challenges without the right technology solutions, experience and expertise.

SDA, with our many years of experience in the industry, brings breadth and depth to solve business problems. We use some of the industry’s leading business practices, technology solutions and technology deployment methodologies to help you meet your challenges, evolve as your business changes and achieve your business goals. 

We bring a culture that seeks to increase your company’s value and the value you deliver to your customers. We accomplish this by:

  • Providing a view of what has “successfully worked” in your industry and environment acquired from years of experience.
  • Focusing on providing services and solutions that deliver a rapid return on Investment (ROI).
  • Taking a “holistic” view verses a “silo” view of problem solving.
  • Providing our methodologies for problem solving and service delivery that ensure consistency, mitigates the risk of failure and aids in managing expectations.
  • Using our cafeteria-style approach for delivering services and solutions. We can tailor the right set of solutions and services without forcing our customers to acquire services and solutions that are not necessary.
  • Providing managers and consultants who understand your business, integrate quickly into your culture and deliver on commitments.
  • Providing competitive pricing without a loss in quality.
  • Providing measurable value either by how your company measures value or by using standard industry metrics. The right value measure is then applied to measure the success of solutions and services.