Staffing Services

In today’s technology market, it is important to manage cost, timelines and efficiency when implementing new business software. Our Staffing Services provide our clients with experienced project managers and technical or functional consultants. SDA’s highly-specialized senior consultants can be quickly mobilized to any domestic or international site and will work under your direction. Our consultants are sourced, qualified and selected based on their industry or technology knowledge, hands-on project experience and positive references from previous engagements.

SDA employs experienced professionals with extensive domain expertise in both business and technology.  The typical SDA consultant has a profile that includes the following attributes:

  • Averaging over 12 years of industry and technical experience.
  • Certified business professionals with 70% of workforce-maintaining certifications.
  • Core competencies in PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, Oracle Middleware & Development tools, Oracle Database and Microsoft and Apple Desktop platforms.
  • International resources who are bilingual and local to their country.
  • Virtual team available through our global network of consultants and partners.

Approach to Staffing Resources

SDA recognizes that our clients often have gaps in knowledge. Sometimes, they also experience periodic variances in bandwidth with their internal resources. SDA’s teams of experts can scale based on client needs and provide resources for projects, support and on-going services work. When a request for a resource or a team of resources is made, we evaluate the current bandwidth of our resources and the timelines of all projects we currently have underway.  Our Consulting Staffing Manager (CSM) will first leverage our internal team to identify the appropriate resource for the effort.

In the event we are unable to identify the appropriate resource from our internal team, our staffing team will reach out to our “preferred” contractor list and our internal contractor database of over 6,000 consultants.

SDA takes very seriously the relationships we maintain with premier resources form preferred partners or independent contractors. We place high value on having prior experience with third-party consultants with whom we engage. We limit the use of consultants with whom we do not have prior experience or who do not come to SDA from a professional reference.  In the event that we do engage with unfamiliar consultants, we will perform rigorous technical screenings before hiring them.

Approach to Consultant Performance Issues and Resolution

SDA works very closely with our clients to monitor the performance of our consultants, to ensure that quality work is performed and to make sure client expectations are met. We believe proactive communication is the best way to make sure consultants meet the expectation of our clients. We proactively seek performance feedback by doing the following:

  • Reviewing consultants and providing weekly status reports.
  • Proactively soliciting feedback from client project managers where possible.

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