SDA History

In 2004, a team of Oracle and PeopleSoft executives decided to start an IT company with a goal of helping customers solve business challenges by using business solutions and technology. We felt with our many years of combined knowledge of business, industry, and technology experience, we could effectively and efficiently assist our customers with their business challenges.

We also strongly believed in doing business with honesty, fairness, openness and integrity. In doing so, everyone could be successful, and we could have long-term, trusting relationships.

We also believed in providing a quality service. A service that would be respected and valued by our customers. We wanted to be known in the business for being value-added and making a difference to our customers within a budget they could afford.

When SDA started, we primarily focused on staff augmentation and permanent placement. We worked as a Tier I Vendor on vendor programs for multiple large system integrators such as Oracle Consulting, along with our direct industry clients. As our business and respectable reputation grew, we started working with large system integrators, such as Sierra-Cedar, Deloitte, AT&T, and IBM, to partner on major implementations, upgrades and support projects.

These projects transformed SDA into a direct prime implementer and managed services firm.  Now, SDA has expanded our brand to include a full-service IT consulting firm focused on delivering direct value by using our technology solutions and services to solve our customers’ business.