Service Desk Support

Are you tired of being in constant fire-fighting mode and dealing with all of the daily distractions from running your help desk? Let SDA help you transform your current operations into a world-class service desk based on industry-leading best practices including ITIL v3.

Service Desk Transformation

If you feel that adopting industry best practices such as ITIL v3 to improve your overall IT operations can be a daunting task, you are not alone. Many organizations struggle with such major initiatives. They don’t know where to start, they try to take on too much at once or they lack the necessary resources and supporting technology.

The SDA Service Desk Transformation Service helps you overcome these hurdles by combining our best-of-breed Service Desk team with ongoing training, and a strategic roadmap to assist you in transforming your existing operation into a world class, best practice-oriented service desk. The holistic approach goes beyond a traditional outsourcing service by leveraging SDA's many years of industry experience and by incorporating ITIL v3 best practices to ensure that IT support services achieve optimum benefits for the enterprise at large.

An SDA expert will work directly with your team to develop a Service Desk Transformation Roadmap that is intended to serve as the long-term strategy to guide your organization on its journey to a service-oriented, best practice-based desktop support organization.

Business Value

SDA looks beyond just incident management and focus on the bigger picture and what's most important to you.  The roadmap SDA develops is specifically tailored to your company's unique needs based on our initial assessment and our understanding of your primary objectives to becoming an outstanding service delivery organization.  The roadmap will outline the following:

  • Delivery phases and timeline.
  • Process focal areas and priorities.
  • Key stakeholders involved in each process area.
  • Ongoing training needs.
  • Annual objectives and milestones.

What's more, you're not left on your own to figure out how to actually implement the proposed changes. We are with you every step of the way and can even provide targeted consulting and training services as needed.

Service Desk Support

The SDA Service Desk support combines state-of-the-art technology with best practices and highly skilled, North American-based support personnel years of service desk experience. Together, these components create a scalable support model that delivers results quickly and efficiently, whether your company produces a few calls a month or thousands of calls a month. How do we do it? With the right blend of the following three key components:

  1. Our U.S.-based service desk professionals not only hold multiple certifications from Microsoft, Apple, and ITIL v3, but they also attend ongoing soft skills training. When your people reach out to us for help, we answer clearly with skill and care. Our service desk team also offers the following benefits:
    • 100% U.S. based.
    • 24/7/365 support coverage.
    • Multilingual capabilities.
    • High customer satisfaction rating.
  1. SDA’s Service Desk is based on mature processes, including best practices from many years of experience as well as industry frameworks, such as ITIL (Information Technology Information Library) v3. SDA offers more than just incident management and works with its clients to improve overall service management in the following areas:
    • Enterprise Service Catalog and request center tailored for your unique IT service that also enables your users to help themselves.
    • Incident and Request Management for ongoing management of all incidents and service requests directed to the Service Desk.
    • Problem Management to proactively identify and provide solutions and/or workarounds to common, ongoing issues and prevent recurrences.
    • Knowledge Management to develop and maintain knowledge articles that will enable your end-users to help themselves, improving their productivity and reducing incident volumes at the same time.
    • Process standardization and improvements related to the Service Desk.
    • Continual Service Improvement including regular monthly meetings and quarterly executive reviews.
    • Call avoidance through root cause analysis as well as self-service
  1. Our comprehensive solution includes all the technology needed to run a best-in-class service desk. The following features are included with our service desk solution and will be fully branded and tailored for your enterprise:
    • Dedicated toll free (800) number.
    • Customizable greeting and IVR (phone) menus.
    • Comprehensive reports and metrics.

With SDA Service Desk Support your organization will:

  • Empower your end users to help themselves.
  • Proactively identify and address recurring problems.
  • Assess the full impact of a change to your environment.
  • Communicate more effectively with business stakeholders.
  • Provide 24/7 support in a cost effective way.
  • Run your operations more efficiently.
  • Ultimately transform the way you deliver IT.

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