Desktop Management

Our Desktop Management Services Help You Get the Most Out of Your Technology Investment From Procurement – Through Disposal.

The breadth and depth of our client base means that we have been able to craft services that resolve real world issues. Unlike other managed service providers, our dedicated Desktop Management team are experts in procurement, contract, and license management. Our programs are built on best practices and standards allowing you to gain from our experience in maintaining technology solutions throughout the entire usage lifecycle. From managing inventory levels to creating standard operating procedures, we can handle all of the assets that your business needs. Through our Lifecycle Management Services, our clients are able to maximize their software investments, minimize risk and exposures, and reduce software spend by centralizing the licensing and deployment process.

SDA offers several services that encompass our asset management life cycle including:

  • Procurement Management
  • Desktop Asset Tracking
  • Contract & Vendor Management
  • Desktop Software Management

Business Value

  • Single Contact for all Desktop Management needs.
  • 24/7 Support for your users and applications in the event of an incident.
  • Faster problem & ticket resolution.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of vendor relationships.
  • Better pricing based on negotiated rates.
  • Centralized asset tracking and change management.
  • Maximum utilization of software and application investments.
  • Virtually eliminate downtime with proactive maintenance.
  • Our IT Asset Tracking & Management Services.
  • Maintaining current and master contracts.

Desktop Procurement Management

SDA’s Desktop Management Services simplify the IT acquisition process – from price optimization to ordering, asset tracking, and reporting. Our experts help you:

  • Optimize use of technology assets.
  • Reduce overall Procurement Costs.
  • Gain a better understanding of procurement inefficiencies, such as vendor spending overlap.

Desktop Asset Tracking

As IT infrastructure becomes more complex in reaction to the application economy, tracking and managing desktop software and hardware investments creates a greater challenge for your organization. SDA’s Desktop Asset Tracking in conjunction with our overall managed services offerings help you to:

  • Gain a comprehensive and trusted inventory of your hardware and software assets.
  • Maximize Visibility into asset utilization.

Our team gives you a holistic view of your desktop portfolio ‘on-demand’; compiling a master set of gathered data and then leveraging it – to give a true picture of a company’s desktop assets, model changes and swap-outs in terms of cost and impact, optimize virtual environments, manage renewals and compliance, and more. This allows you to not only maximize your investments, but have the insight needed to drive your Desktop Asset Tracking initiatives.

SDA’s Desktop Asset Tracking services address the total lifecycle of software and hardware assets. In conjunction with our Procurement Team, we determine what you’re paying in hardware and software fees to help you optimize your cost structure and reallocate underutilized assets.  SDA offers several services that make up our Desktop Asset Tracking services including:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Asset Discovery
  • Asset Management Maturity Assessment
  • Asset Service History
  • Merger & Acquisition Support
  • Update & Maintain Licenses

Contract & Vendor Management

The ongoing process of technology transformation requires the best technology from the best vendors, but managing those key relationships can be a distraction from the IT organization’s more important business mission. As your managed services partner, SDA’s Contract and Vendor Management team provides you with:

  • Providing ongoing visibility into contract lifecycle and opportunities for greater efficiency.
  • Providing end-of-support details and budgetary refresh options.

SDA’s vendor management services are enhanced through the interactions we experience with IT vendors every day. A huge part of our business revolves around building solid relationships with technology vendors that can allow us to better serve our clients through the entire lifecycle of their technology. Our vendor and contract management services include IT Procurement, Contract Negotiation, Relationship Management and Performance Management.

SDA’s Contract and Vendor Management Services eliminate these headaches by providing you with a single point-of-contact for all of your technical needs. Our experts will review your vendor contracts and ensure that you are getting the right support you need in order to operate efficiently.  Additionally, as a part of our overall Managed Services solutions, our experts will monitor your devices and contracts to ensure that warranty and repairs are handled quickly and efficiently.  SDA offers several services that encompass our contract & vendor management life cycle including:

  • Billing Analysis & Review
  • Contract & Vendor Consolidation
  • End of Life Support
  • Issue & Dispute Resolution
  • Regular Contract Meetings
  • Revenue Management & Cost Control

Desktop Software Management

As your managed services partner, SDA’s Desktop Software Management team provides you with:

  • Providing ongoing visibility into software lifecycle and opportunities for greater efficiency.
  • Providing end-of-support details and budgetary refresh options.

SDA offers several services that encompass our Desktop Software Management life cycle including:

  • Desktop Installs / Adds / Moves / Changes (IMAC) - Moving to a new office? Building a new site? Rolling-out a new operating system? SDA can provide desktop support to help you deploy new equipment, move old equipment, install software and hardware, and transfer data.
  • Operating System Upgrades, Migrations & Support - Whether you are rolling out the latest operating system patches or undertaking an enterprise Windows 10 or Mac OS upgrade, SDA is there to support you from initial design and planning, through testing and deployment, to on-going support.
  • Anti-Virus/Security Management - Ensures up-to-date virus definitions and adherence to your corporate security policies.
  • Backup Management - Secure your user's data with SDA backup process for your laptops and desktops.
  • Image Management - SDA can create and manage standard desktop/laptop images, keeping end-user PCs up to date with the latest approved software packages and operating systems.
  • Hardware/Software Rollouts - SDA can assist in defining your overall strategy for upgrading and replacing hardware and software on a consistent basis, as well as provide scheduling, announcements, and training for deployments.
  • Special Projects - SDA's desktop team can be your go to partner for special projects throughout the life-cycle of your equipment.

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