Database Management


SDA’s provides a remote Oracle database support team that becomes part of your database environment to provide unprecedented 24x7x365 service across an Oracle database platform.  We eliminate the expense or headache associated with managing and staffing your own data center.  SDA is fully staffed with highly skilled DBA teams that are ready to assist you anytime, any day, weekend or holiday.

By utilizing SDA’s foundational ITIL process and delivery methodology, our DBA experts can apply their years of expertise to provide both proactive and reactive remote database support.  Our proactive remote database support will ensure that your database environment receives the preventative care it requires for the future while also promising to have the availability to respond to your most critical needs with integrity.

SDA’s expert DBAs will perform routine tasks, such as patching, backups, configuration and installation.  We offer the following programs to support your database management needs:

  • Continuous DBA Service (CDS)
  • Enterprise DBA Service (EDS)
  • On-Demand DBA Service (ODS)
  • Emergency 911 DBA Service (CDS)
  • Oracle EBS & PeopleSoft DBA Service (OPDS)

Business Value

By layering shared or dedicated DBAs on top of your internal database support function your organization increases the chances of:

  • Reducing costs by standardizing and optimizing routine administration tasks.
  • Having a reliable, continuously operating data operation.
  • Having a robust data operation with enhanced expertise and data performance.

Continuous DBA Service (CDS)

Continuous DBA Service (CDS) from SDA is the solution for timely, reliable and cost-efficient database system administration services. With CDS, organizations can have the essential functions of database maintenance in an automated and optimized remote service.  You receive the cost benefits of a leveraged and scalable operation, while maintaining your custom processes. The service offers 24×7 support of the database environment through monitoring, system-level troubleshooting and documented routine processes. Using CDS, you get the following services:

  • 24×7 Database Monitoring - Provides automated checks of the database environment to identify system issues.
  • 24×7 Database Incident Resolution - Provides the research and corrective actions taken by SDA in response to critical system-level notifications.
  • Routine Administration Processes - Each customer has unique routine maintenance needs.  If it can be clearly defined, it can be successfully executed.  Special alerts that are selected by the customer can be created.  Customer-defined actions are taken by SDA for these special alerts or for routine automated maintenance procedures.
  • Implementations, Upgrades & Patching - The creation, migration, patching and upgrading of the PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS application.
  • Security & Object Administration - Modifications made to the user accounts, objects and processes related to the database.
  • Service Management Reporting - SDA can provide customers with data regarding the status and quality of the service and the performance of the applications.

Enterprise DBA Service (EDS)

A shared database operation is effective and cost-efficient for most small and medium-sized organizations. However, large enterprises may need a dedicated team of resources to manage their database investment. For these organizations SDA offers Enterprise DBA Services (EDS).

EDS leverages the services offered by the CDS operation that manages the monitoring, troubleshooting and the documented routine processes of an organization.

The difference with EDS is a DBA or team of DBAs is dedicated 100% to the customer for enhanced service and database management.  The dedicated team is able to perform higher value DBA functions unique to large data environments that may go beyond the CDS service. These functions often require detailed knowledge of a data environment enabling our team to better optimize, recommend, upgrade and manage the entire environment.

By layering dedicated DBAs on top of the CDS service, large organizations are able to:

  • Reduce costs by standardizing and optimizing routine administration tasks.
  • Have a reliable, continuously operating data operation.
  • Have a robust data operation with enhanced expertise and data performance.

On-Demand Services can also serve as a supplement to the ESA operation. Though EDS customers can handle many of these services with the dedicated team, additional resources are at the ready should they be needed.

On-Demand DBA Service (ODS)

SDA offers a variety of advanced database services to meet the additional database management needs of our CDS and EDS customers.  By going above and beyond the basics of database administration, SDA provides comprehensive solutions for reliable database operations and enhanced data performance. Since these services may not be needed on a regular basis, you only pay for what you need, when you need it.  These services ensure rapid and comprehensive DBA support on an hourly, pay-as-you-go basis.  Common On-Demand services include:

  • Implementations, Upgrades & Patching - The creation, migration, patching and upgrading of the database and database components, including:
  • Analysis & Improvement - The discovery, recommendation and execution of system-related database improvements.
  • Security & Object Administration - Modifications made to the user accounts, objects and processes related to the database.
  • Business Continuity Planning - The preparation, creation and testing of backup and recovery-related processes specific to the database.

Use On-Demand Service in conjunction with our CDS and EDS operational services.

Emergency 911 DBA Service

For emergency database assistance we have a staff of 24-hour, on-call Certified Oracle DBAs to provide you with expert support with any database emergency task.

We specialize in database emergency support worldwide and can assist you with your mission-critical database production problem within minutes.  All work is performed by a Certified Oracle DBAs with extensive real-world experience.

For Oracle emergency support we require the following:

  • Remote database access (SSH and VPN preferred).
  • A $1000 credit card retainer (we take PayPal).
  • A statement that you own a valid Oracle license and grant us permission to enter your system.
  • A completed contract with SDA Consulting, so have your contact and payment information ready!

We specialize in worldwide database emergency support for database customers who may not have extensive experience in database crash recovery and corruption repair.  Our database emergency services include:

  • Working with Oracle Technical Support on bug identification.
  • Repairing block corruption.
  • Performing database crash recovery.
  • Repairing acute database performance issues.
  • Applying patches.
  • Relieving database bottlenecks.
  • Assisting with emergency hardware configuration.

Oracle PeopleSoft & Oracle eBusiness Suite DBA Services (OPDS)

Oracle PeopleSoft and Oracle’s e-Business Suite (Oracle EBS) are both the most comprehensive sets of integrated business applications in today’s market. Just like other Oracle database systems, PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS databases require detailed attention and even more specialized skills in order to be maintained properly and work to peak performance.

If you are running PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS, in addition to the Oracle database platform, SDA is your answer for 24×7 monitoring, expert skills, and a lower cost than is possible with internal administration.  We offer PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS database and system administration in each of our core remote management services:

  • Just as with our CDS service for databases, OPDS for PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS provides timely and reliable day-to-day administration of the system environment, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • OPDS for PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS is packaged with our On-Demand Services (ODS) for Oracle Applications.  While CDS for Oracle Applications provides excellent essential service, OPDS for PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS enables an hourly as-needed approach to those tasks that are needed from time to time.

Many of our customers have larger support requirements typically exceeding 40 hours and more specialized projects than those typically handled under CDS or ODS. Projects might include upgrades or performance and tuning, or new environment deployment associated with PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS projects.

In these cases, SDA will work with the customer to develop a scope of work and project estimate.  SDA then deploys a project team to complete the work in an agreed-upon timeframe and budget.

For this service see Enterprise Solutions or Infrastructure Support. 

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