Managed Services

Leave your information technology support to the experts.  You’ve got your hands full already.  Supporting and maintaining enterprise applications, databases and your technology infrastructure are huge tasks that can lead to buggy releases, costly rework and decreased productivity.

Getting your support organization structure right is critical for the long-term success of your business. Is your organization getting the right level of attention from your enterprise applications, database, and technology infrastructure maintenance and support vendor or your internal organization?

Are your concerns heard and addressed immediately?

At SDA, we are committed to providing 100% client satisfaction.

SDA's Managed Services align IT with your business needs

SDA specializes in providing enterprise application, database and infrastructure management and support services for your Oracle-based application and technology portfolio. We have a methodology based on ITIL’s process and delivery approach that defines the guiding principles that govern the services delivered by this practice.

SDA provides the quality focus, access to expertise and lower cost resources that will help lower your overall IT budget.

Our bundled approach will include broader sets of solutions that will comprise of maintenance, enhancements and testing.

We can support your entire portfolio of Oracle applications and databases. With our US-based virtual support team we can provide support across multiple time zones and geographic locations.

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Our flexible model takes into consideration your current team size, user base, application foot-print, business needs, your IT budget and—most importantly—your pain points.

SDA’s delivery model always provides clients with delivery alternatives integrated with a seamless management structure.

The various support execution options include:

  • On-site—at client location.
  • Remote—at SDA’s e-delivery sites in US.
  • In the field—at client remote locations requiring on-site support.

We guarantee that we can:

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership and increase productivity.
  • Serve your business user faster, easier and more intelligently.
  • Allow employees to focus on strategic initiatives and not worry about day-to-day tasks.
  • Avoid being driven by crisis of the day and constantly reacting to problems.
  • Assist in employing qualified resources.
  • Relieve the pressure on your support organization who are always pressed to deliver more with fewer employees.
  • Give you greater peace of mind.

SDA’s Value Proposition:

  • Emphasize a "partnership" approach with the client team.
  • Focus on execution driven by your vision.
  • Efficient, flexible and scalable—and accessible 24/7.
  • Fixed-fee support options and maintenance contracts.
  • Continuous incremental improvement of practices.
  • Optimize systems management and support processes by capturing business rules for each custom object/scheduled job.
  • Optimum resource model usage —Flexibility in matching service demand resource supply.

Application Support Services

When you are running a complex business on a system as comprehensive as PeopleSoft or Oracle eBusiness Suite (“Oracle EBS”), there is a significant need for ongoing upkeep of your environment that includes constant maintenance and management.  Historically, support needs of a maintenance nature required companies to hire expensive and difficult-to-find resources. 

The dynamics of the consulting industry often cause organizations to battle attrition due to the non-challenging nature of this important task. Constant attrition leads to inefficient workarounds and unhappy end-users, resulting in misalignment with business needs.

SDA’s Application Support Service offering meets this challenge by enabling your organization to leverage our PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS experts on a short-term, as-needed basis, with no minimum time commitment required. Another option is to engage us as a long-term strategic partner to provide cost-effective support for your PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS application portfolio.

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Application Development Support Services

On-Shore Development

Over the last few years, SDA has come to recognize the increasing demand for competitively priced on-shore development support services. We understand that customers are concerned about the risks that costs may go up when using off-shore development services for implementing, upgrading or providing production support for enterprise applications due to communication issues, time zone issues or security issues. Now, many buyers of outsourced development services are seeking providers who can offer competitively priced, quality on-shore development services that reduce the risks associated with off-shore development services.

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Database Management

SDA provides a remote Oracle database support team that becomes part of your database environment to provide unprecedented 24x7x365 service across an Oracle database platform.  We eliminate the expense or headache associated with managing and staffing your own data center.  SDA is fully staffed with highly skilled DBA teams that are ready to assist you anytime, any day, weekend or holiday.

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Infrastructure Support

Service Desk Support 

Are you tired of being in constant fire-fighting mode and dealing with all of the daily distractions from running your help desk? Let SDA help you transform your current operations into a world-class service desk based on industry-leading best practices including ITIL v3.

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Desktop Remote Level 2 Support

SDA’s Remote Level 2 Support program specifically addresses the challenges of a mobile and distributed workforce.   Wherever your users are, at home, in an office, hotel, airport, etc., SDA can support them. We remotely attach to their computers and provide Level 2 support anywhere, and anytime.  Our support team troubleshoots hardware and software issues as well as install and/or upgrade software.  Even patch management, software deployment and asset tracking can be handled remotely.  Since Level 2 calls generally require an extended resolution time, users can schedule a remote session at their convenience.

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Desktop On-Site (Field) Level 3 Support 

The SDA’s On-Site (Field) Level 3 Support program specifically addresses the challenges of a distributed and remotely located workforce that requires on-site support. Wherever your users are at home, or in an office, SDA can support them in the field at any location. We dispatch desktop field support technicians to remotely located sites for on-site support anywhere and anytime.

Our desktop field support technicians troubleshoot hardware and software issues, as well as install and/or upgrade software and provide patch management and software deployment services. Since Level 3 appointments generally require an extended resolution time, users can schedule an on-site session at their convenience.

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