Database Upgrade and Migration Services

SDA offers comprehensive Database Upgrade and Migration Services to assist organizations in upgrading their database environment to the latest version of Oracle.

Though necessary, upgrades can also be a large resource burden and organizational inconvenience, resulting in downtime, functional changes and compatibility issues.  Having SDA manage your upgrades minimizes these challenges and ensures that your data is safely migrated using a process that has been proven across large and small organizations.

SDA’s Database Upgrade and Migration Services consist of two distinct offerings that match two distinct needs of organizations, (1) Planning & Analysis Services; and (2) Migration Services.  These offerings reflect a process that brings together resources to manage and plan the process with an assembly line approach to efficiently carry out an upgrade. By leveraging this approach, the process is defined so that organizations can leverage a proven, approach and supporting optimized resources to perform the upgrades at off-peak hours in a cost-effective manner.

With our experience it’s very likely SDA’s DBA have seen most types of Oracle database upgrades/data migrations.  SDA is unique in its capacity to design, document, articulate from continual upgrade scenarios and shared intellect to quickly get your solution in place.

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