Database Health Checks

SDA's Oracle Health Checks are a fast and easy way to ensure that your Oracle database is optimized. We cover every inch of your database using specialized health check techniques.  SDA DBAs are experts at quickly conducting Oracle health checks.

We perform Oracle health checks every day and have many years of experience at quickly locating and repairing any Oracle performance bottleneck.

A complete Oracle health check certifies every aspect of your Oracle database including:

Industry Best Practices Standards

  • A best practices health check
  • A security vulnerability health check
  • Oracle environmental health check
  • Oracle backup and recovery health check
  • Oracle instance health check
  • Oracle objects health check
  • Oracle SQL environmental health check

Oracle Best Practice Standards

  • Oracle Architecture Best Practice (OFA, SAME, RAID)
  • Oracle Instance Best Practice
  • Oracle Patch Management Best Practice
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Best Practice
  • Oracle Security Best Practice

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