Database Assessment

SDA’s database assessment services will enable you to conduct your business for success with precision and confidence.  In any company, a baseline is an important starting point for all parties to agree upon and shape future plans.  SDA’s database assessment helps establish that baseline.

Whether you have a small database environment that can be assessed in one day or a large complex database environment that requires a team of experts, SDA can provide key insights, short- and long-term database recommendations, optimization opportunities and information on alternative database approaches to your environment.

During a typical database assessment SDA reviews:

  • Current environment details, such as usage peaks and valleys, concurrent sessions, index usage, etc.
  • Backup and fault tolerance strategy
  • Platform and hardware details
  • Information on supported applications
  • Security measures
  • Recent problem history
  • Running of database tools and scripts to analyze data and report on blockage, I/O contention, offending queries, long-running queries, etc.

Once complete the database assessment provides:

  • A detailed view of the current database environment
  • Recommendations for improvements and efficiencies for the current database environment, both physical and virtual
  • Performance improvement recommendations on the current database environment
  • Recommendations on how to approach DR alternatives

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