Infrastructure Services

Designing the right infrastructure platform and services to support your portfolio of applications and technologies is a complex and critical piece of any technology strategy.

Add to this the ever-changing landscape of IT — new product announcements, an embrace of cloud architectures, security and mobility — and it becomes clear why leading organizations look beyond their internal IT resources for direction with these major decisions.       

Finding the right vendor is crucial.

At SDA, we provide superior infrastructure support services aligned to your business metrics through all our support services and our integrated service delivery model. With the ongoing push to the cloud and so many architectures to choose from, we understand the complexity you face to arrive at solutions and services that support your business objectives.

As a multi-country company, we’re different things to different customers. Your objectives ultimately define our actions. Our goal is to see your organization get the maximum results from your technology portfolio. Our solution architects and certified consultants, having access to leading hardware and software vendors, help you to define strategies, business processes, the right technology solutions and support services.  We also demonstrate how to reduce capital requirements and manage operating costs.

We leverage more than 12 years of partnerships with industry-leading vendors, such as Oracle, IBM, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to design infrastructure support services and computing platforms that will meet our customers’ needs.

Let SDA help in making critical decisions about their technology platforms and infrastructure support services you choose..

Database Management 

SDA offers comprehensive database management services.  SDA has extensive experience planning and implementing Oracle databases to meet your technical and business needs.  Our DBA experts integrate themselves into your internal team to understand your company and develop a practical solution best suited to your environment and business goals. With SDA, you save time developing a new database project plan, and you also save money avoiding the pitfalls of new implementations—while ensuring that your company’s unique needs are met.

All database projects are unique, requiring an in-depth understanding of the project at hand and the database environment.  The project assignments can range from subsections of a larger project or entire departmental initiatives.  They can be driven by application needs or developmental efforts.  Projects can be forecasted strategically or can be an immediate unanticipated need.

Our focus on DBA tasks provides you the expertise you need to get these tasks completed on time and on budget.  We’ll handle those time consuming database projects so that you can manage and improve your business.  Our most popular services include:

Business Value

With SDA Database Management Services your organization will realize:

  • Improved overall manageability of your database infrastructure.
  • Improved application performance, scalability and end-user experience.
  • Reduced database and application downtime and average issue resolution time.
  • 24×7 visibility into database infrastructure.
  • Peace of mind when it comes to continuous application performance, uptime and scalability.

Desktop Support

Desktop Installs/Adds/Moves/Changes (IMAC)

Moving to a new office? Building a new site? Rolling-out a new operating system? SDA can provide desktop support to help you deploy new equipment, move old equipment, install software and hardware and transfer data.  

What SDA Provides

As part of any IMAC project SDA will:

  • Stage all end-user desktop devices including laptops, PCs, local servers and printers.
  • Install, configure and test device operations.
  • Configure and test device network connectivity.

Our technical expertise is centered on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Desktop Special Projects                                                                                              

Projects often create both anticipated and unforeseen spikes in resource requirements.  SDA's desktop support team is your trusted partner for special projects throughout the life-cycle of your equipment.  Whether you need assistance with migrations and roll-outs (e.g. Windows, Microsoft Office) or you want to create a standard image for use in the future, our experienced technicians provide top-of-the-line services when you need that extra help.

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