Companies of all industries and sizes trust SDA to help them make the most of their business applications and technologies. The value our teams are able to bring to the table is accumulated in in-depth knowledge that helps us drive business value within our targeted industries.  We understand our core industries and their day to day challenges.  Across all of our industry solutions, we strive to provide our clients with a strategic and proactive approach to solving business challenges.

In today’s highly competitive markets, we understand that an innovative approach to business can differentiate your enterprise. Whatever industry you’re in, our solutions can help you address your specific challenges, find new customers, and grow your business.

Higher Education

Today’s educators are striving to create the next generation of learning experiences for their students.  They enrich the lives of future generations yet daily they are juggling a climate of cost cutting and compliance, all while defining long-term growth plans to prepare for sustained excellence.  Higher Education IT staffs are working hard to make the most out their IT investments, and the services they provide to support them. SDA understands the need for technology to run smoothly in the higher education. That is why our Higher Education Solutions are tailored specifically to the unique needs and budgets of Higher Educational institutions.

Our team will help you maintain your application, data, cloud, or infrastructure solutions grow and adapt as rapidly the higher education industry demands. We evaluate your Higher Educational organization needs. We collaborate with institutions of all sizes to meet their primary goals, providing a solid technology foundation.

Industry Challenges

  • Developing a holistic, agile approach to information security.
  • Collaborating with faculty and academic leadership to optimize the use of technology in teaching and learning, including understanding the appropriate level of technology to use.
  • Improving student outcomes through an approach that strategically leverages technology.
  • Ensuring adequate staffing capacity and staff retention as budgets shrink or remain flat and as external competition grows.
  • Improving the management of institutional data through data standards, integration, protection, and governance.
  • Developing IT funding models that sustain core services, support innovation, and facilitate growth.
  • Developing effective methods for business intelligence, reporting, and analytics to ensure they are relevant to institutional priorities and decision making and can be easily accessed and used by administrators, faculty, and students.
  • Integrating enterprise applications and services to deliver systems, services, processes, and analytics that are scalable and constituent centered.
  • Creating flexible IT organizational structures, staff roles, and staff development strategies that are enough to support innovation and accommodate ongoing changes in higher education.
  • Providing scalable and well-resourced e-learning services, facilities, and staff to support increased access to and expansion of online education.


Whether you are running a single-doctor office, or you are a hospital or a healthcare network, you are tethered to technology.  From ever changing regulations, to increased focus on patient data security, SDA understands the unique IT challenges faced by the Healthcare industry.  SDA’s Healthcare experience helps you manage your technology, so that you can focus on your practice and your patients and the business of running your healthcare institution.

SDA offers a wide breadth of services that are specifically designed to meet all of your IT needs.  Our Healthcare technology services offer you a view of solving business challenges with technology solutions from a perspective of years of experience.  Our client experience ranges from small healthcare practices, to individual hospitals, to large healthcare networks.

Industry Challenges

  • Considering the value and breadth of data contained in patient health records, healthcare is arguably the industry that stands to lose the most from a weak Cyber Security infrastructure.
  • Optimizing the value of the investment in existing information technologies.
  • Managing the data deluge. Healthcare is inundated with mountains of data. But large quantities of data are only as meaningful as the insights they yield, and the barriers to getting those actionable insights are many.
  • The effects of mergers and acquisitions ripple far beyond integrating leadership and aligning operational efficiencies. Hospitals and health systems have to integrate their patient records and information systems as well, which can often be a painful process.
  • Healthcare continues to increase its use of technology, but IT talent hasn't kept pace. IT leaders are strapped to find employees with the right skills and know-how.

Public Sector

At SDA we understand the expectations of Public Sector stakeholders in a challenging environment.  Public Sector agencies need to be nimble and effective.  SDA understands that Public Sector agencies can solve many of their challenges through process efficiencies, technology scalability, feature-rich business functionality, customized mapping with government functions at different levels of administration and analytics to enable planning and decision-making. Transparency and accountability can also be built into government process workflows with an outcome-based approach.

Industry Challenges

  • Increasing access, transparency, and accountability of real time information to various public sector stakeholders.
  • Increasing the accessibility and affordability of public services to citizens.
  • Greater security of public sector and personal data through multiple technologies including digital certificates, biometrics, encryption and authorized access levels
  • Improved ability to manage change effectively and efficiently.


SDA understands the rules of retail have changed and continue to change. Internet-savvy customers armed with smart devices expect retailers to engage with them on all fronts including social media, in-store, online and on their mobile.  Retailers embracing this challenge need newer channels, marketing formats, agile business processes and robust IT to support to meet these challenges.

Industry Challenges

  • Retail businesses must be able to very quickly gather an ever-increasing and diverse amount of data relevant to their businesses, process it and make rapid decisions.
  • The explosion of mobile smart devices is creating constantly connected and informed consumers. Meeting their needs will require a change in technology investment.
  • The supply chain is transforming into a cohesive consumer-driven model focusing on flexibility, visibility and choice of fulfillment options, regardless of touchpoint.
  • The Internet of Things such as appliances, automobiles, home security etc., has create the need to more accurately collect, analyze, measure success and customer demand to leverage the information into value.


Leveraging SDA’s industry insight and technology expertise, we partner with utilities organizations to define and deploy business effectiveness improvement programs that help them stay ahead.  From optimizing technology utilization and improving customer service, to building intelligent infrastructure and complying with regulations, SDA helps utilities organizations become agile, resilient, and proactive.

Industry Challenges

  • Industry-wide deregulation and unbundling. 
  • Consolidation and integration resulting from mergers and acquisitions.
  • Catering to the demands of expanding markets.
  • Aging of assets and workforce.
  • Changing regulation with respect to Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Increasing raw material prices.
  • Managing the demand and supply gaps.

Other Industries

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