Whether you are running a single-doctor office, or you are a hospital or a healthcare network, you are tethered to technology. From ever changing regulations, to increased focus on patient data security, SDA understands the unique IT challenges faced by the Healthcare industry. SDA’s Healthcare experience helps you manage your technology, so that you can focus on your practice and your patients and the business of running your healthcare institution.

SDA offers a wide breadth of services that are specifically designed to meet all of your IT needs. Our Healthcare technology services offer you a view of solving business challenges with technology solutions from a perspective of years of experience. Our client experience ranges from small healthcare practices, to individual hospitals, to large healthcare networks.

Industry Challenges

  • Considering the value and breadth of data contained in patient health records, healthcare is arguably the industry that stands to lose the most from a weak Cyber Security infrastructure.
  • Optimizing the value of the investment in existing information technologies.
  • Managing the data deluge. Healthcare is inundated with mountains of data. But large quantities of data are only as meaningful as the insights they yield, and the barriers to getting those actionable insights are many.
  • The effects of mergers and acquisitions ripple far beyond integrating leadership and aligning operational efficiencies. Hospitals and health systems have to integrate their patient records and information systems as well, which can often be a painful process.
  • Healthcare continues to increase its use of technology, but IT talent hasn't kept pace. IT leaders are strapped to find employees with the right skills and know-how.