Cloud Migration Services

Accelerate the move to public and private clouds with SDA's Cloud Migration Services and leading tools.

A growing number of organizations are considering a move to public and hybrid clouds to increase business and IT agility, compete more effectively and replace outdated data centers and applications.  Unfortunately, migrating PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS applications carry risks of delays, service interruptions and project failure.  Many organizations don’t fully understand connectivity and performance issues and can take months or even years to decide what to move and where to move it.

SDA Cloud Migration Services offer a standard, repeatable methodology and reference architecture to plan and migrate applications, data, operating systems and configuration based on your organization’s requirements. These services shorten project timelines and lower costs when migrating to public clouds or between clouds, data centers or virtual platforms.

With SDA you can harness the benefits of public clouds such as the Oracle Cloud and other cloud platforms faster, while working with a single provider for infrastructure, migration and hybrid cloud management.

What SDA Provides:

SDA can manage PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS cloud transitions that integrate mainframe, midrange, private and public cloud into an effective whole. SDA’s services include:

  • Cloud Assessment and Consulting.  Assess the readiness of your PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS portfolio and determine whether to lift-and-shift, update or completely modernize.
  • Discovery Services.  Assess your entire suite of PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS applications, uncover potential issues and opportunities in as quickly as two weeks.
  • Migration Services.  Rapidly migrate your PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS applications to a cloud platform.

SDA Discovery Avoids Risk

SDA’s Discovery Services analyze applications and servers and their dependencies to help you identify the changes needed to reach your goals for your portfolio.

Services include:

  • Design and architecture of the discovery environment.
  • Discovery workshops.
  • Installation and configuration of the discovery environment.
  • Discovery reports: assets, scope, operating system, infrastructure, and storage.
  • Move plans.
  • Move groups.
  • Application dependencies.
  • Project management and plan activities.


Before moving to the cloud, many organizations are faced with rebuilding applications and managing long project timelines. SDA’s Migration Services offer a fast and cost-effective solution for migrating to the cloud and between cloud providers. Options include:

  • Re-hosting.
  • On-premise to private cloud.
  • On-premise to public cloud.
  • Public cloud to public cloud.

To automate the process, SDA uses Racemi’s industry-leading suite of migration tools to migrate to the Oracle Cloud and other cloud environments.

SDA’s standard Migration Service includes pre-migration validation of defined workload inventory, pilot migration services, migration of a virtual or physical operating systems instance to a virtual instance in supported target clouds, and validation of successful migration and production cutover. SDA manages all event planning and coordination. Migration Services include:

  • Design and architecture of the new environment.
  • Migration workshops.
  • Migration plans.
  • Installation and configuration.
  • Workload and server migration activities.
  • Custom core transformation component code.
  • Run books.
  • Engineering activity reports.
  • Project management and plan activities.

Business Value

With SDA Cloud Migration Services your organization will get:

  • Reduced operational costs, while increasing IT effectiveness.
  • Fast application implementation and deployment.
  • Solution for cost of growing storage needs.
  • Increased access of applications and information to a distribute workforce.
  • Elimination of  the need to build, maintain and incur the cost of disaster recovery systems for an entire data center.
  • Elimination of the need to build, maintain and incur the cost of administration tasks like database backup, software upgrades, and periodic maintenance.

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