Application Upgrade Services

A PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS upgrade is never trivial, but always necessary. Whether a solution is customer- hosted or managed by a cloud hosting provider, SDA makes upgrades as painless as possible.  Upgrading your Oracle or PeopleSoft implementation can be challenging, time-consuming and expensive.  Unfortunately, the end is drawing ever nearer on support contracts for previous versions, making an upgrade an integral part of your ERP system’s future if you haven’t done it already. With SDA, we’ll work with you every step of the way ensuring that your transition is as smooth as possible.

SDA’s extensive knowledge about various versions of PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS maximizes the functionality and efficiency of the applications and ensures an accelerated migration. 

What SDA Provides:

With every PeopleSoft or Oracle EBS major release and regardless if a cloud- or customer-hosted implementation, SDA works with your organization to conduct an upgrade assessment and reimplementation to upgrade your system in the way that best meets your needs. As part of your upgrade SDA will provide the following:

  • CEMLI upgrade analysis.
  • Upgrade impact analysis.
  • Upgrade readiness assessment.
  • Upgrade plan and roadmap.
  • Migrated CEMLI objects.
  • Robust and rigorously tested application, including regression testing.
  • Production upgrade application.
  • Post production support.

Business Value

With SDA Application Upgrade Services your organization will realize:

  • Reduced upgrade project costs.
  • Accelerated upgrade project timelines.
  • Reduced risk of failure.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Reduced post-live issues.

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