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Message from the CEO

As I look back at the start of SDA, I’m extremely proud of where we have come from to where we are today. SDA was started with a desire to make a good income while minimizing my time away from my family from years of traveling in the consulting industry. Many long hours, sacrifices, and innovative ideas helped us grow over the years. Now, SDA has successfully transitioned from a small company to become a respected firm with business in the US and internationally. We have earned a reputation with our clients and consultants of doing what we say we will do.

As we are moving to an economy that requires us to rethink the way we do business, our clients and partners are rethinking with us. SDA recognized the shift to a new age of “Doing More with Less”, and finding the right solutions at the right price has become a demand instead of an alternative.

Here at SDA, I’m pleased to see our team adjust to meet the needs of our clients in today’s market as we find new and exciting solutions. I’m proud to know we continue to maintain our guiding principles of quality, integrity, and fairness regardless of the economic times and challenges. We look forward to building a stronger, more successful SDA for the future. On behalf of our team, I hope you will tour our website and see why others have chosen to work with us.



Shawn D. Anderson, CEO




3011 West 183rd Street, Suite 377, Homewood, IL 60430